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Transforming Communities Through Service

      “The publication highlights the role of states as laboratories for service and fosters new models for addressing a variety of pressing social issues,” – Tom Branen, Executive Director of America’s Service Commissions.       Transforming Communities through Service: A Collection of the Most Innovative AmeriCorps State and Volunteer Generation Fund Programs […]

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Wajibi Grant Proposals Selected

Project Overview Silatech, a youth youth development organization that works across the Arab region on employment, entrepreneurship and engagement, has launched a new initiative called Wajibi: My Community, My Education. ICP is partnering with Silatech to support universities across the Arab region to increase their efforts in civic engagement. University civic engagement plays a critical role in […]

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Professional Development Program

Setting Goals and Capturing Impacts and Outcomes of Community Engagement Wednesday, April 9, 2014 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM GMT/UTC The future of Community Engagement points toward the need for a more strategic and intentional agenda of work that aligns each higher education institution with regional, national and international issues and opportunities for partnership. Engaged […]

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National Youth Service (NYS) in Sub-Saharan Africa

National Youth Service in Sub-Saharan Africa

Strengthening NYS as a strategy for youth employability, entrepreneurship, and sustainable livelihoods in the region Program Overview In November 2012, ICP joined forces with The MasterCard Foundation and Volunteer Service Enquiry Southern Africa (VOSESA) to undertake a research study to assess how National Youth Service (NYS) programs in Sub-Saharan Africa can better prepare young people for […]

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ICP Annual Report

US-Pakistan Higher Education Initiative on Civic Engagement

Project Overview Innovations in Civic Participation (ICP) received a grant in October, 2012 through the US Embassy-Islamabad Office of Public Affairs to support the US-Pakistan higher education initiative to build capacity for civic engagement. The collaborative program aims to enhance the ability of American and Pakistani universities to engage students, senior management and faculty in […]

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