Program of the Week: Mile High Youth Corps

By Courtney Indart


In celebration of the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps, April is AmeriCorps’ Environmental Stewardship Month, bringing awareness to nationwide efforts to protect the environment. Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) is one program building on excellent environmental stewardship for young people featured in this year’s Transforming Communities through Service report.  For over 20 years, MHYC has been working in to build youth capacity while working to protect the numerous forests and environment in Colorado. MHYC aims to prepare youth ages 17 to 24 for employment through helping local communities with conservation and neighborhood improvement projects. These projects provide unemployed youth or recent high school graduates with experiences that build strong work ethic, leadership skills and a variety of other job skills.

MHYC focuses on the responsible use of resources and protection of the environment through a variety of programs. The program’s conservation efforts can be seen throughout Colorado’s vast national parks and fifteen counties in the Denver metropolitan area. Corps members partner with local and national government entities such as the Colorado Department of Natural Resources to further MHYC’s conservation efforts. Learn more about the innovative program activities that Mile High Youth Corps members are doing to help the environment in Transforming Communities through Service: a Collection of the Most Innovative AmeriCorps State and Volunteer Generation Fund Programs in the United States.