Professional Development Program


Setting Goals and Capturing Impacts and Outcomes of Community Engagement

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

12:00 PM – 1:15 PM GMT/UTC

The future of Community Engagement points toward the need for a more strategic and intentional agenda of work that aligns each higher education institution with regional, national and international issues and opportunities for partnership. Engaged scholarship is growing in strategic importance because of its beneficial impacts on academic and community goals.

Webinar participants will learn about these trends and new approaches to the planning of a community engagement agenda and the creation of systematic approaches to monitoring activities and capturing evidence of impacts and outcomes for internal and external purposes. 

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Holland, Barbara A. “Setting Goals and Capturing Impacts and Outcomes of Community Engagement.” April 9, 2014. Provided by: The Talloires Network and Innovations in Civic Participation with funding from the Pearson Foundation.

Project Overview

Innovations in Civic Participation (ICP) is implementing a Faculty and Staff Professional Development (FSPD) Program in collaboration with the Talloires Network. This initiative, funded by the Pearson Foundation, aims to enhance capacity for member universities to build institutional frameworks focused on civic engagement.

Over the course of two years ICP will provide professional development and technical skills to participants of the FSPD Program to enable them to expand and strengthen civic engagement programs at their universities, as well as to develop strategies and methods to promote institutional policy change and quality improvement. ICP will use technology extensively to deliver trainings, develop a community of practice, and foster the exchange of tools and materials.

The overall emphasis of the initiative is to build capacity within the Talloires Network member universities so as to continue the effort around professional development beyond the two years of the FSPD Program.

The substantive issues to be addressed by the Faculty and Staff Professional Development Program include leadership and management skills and strategies at the executive level, and best practices, effective techniques and interventions at the faculty and staff level.

History of Talloires Network

In September 2005, President Lawrence Bacow of Tufts University convened the Talloires Conference 2005, the first international gathering of the heads of universities devoted to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education. The meeting brought together 29 university presidents, rectors, and vice chancellors from 23 countries.

The conference gave rise to the Talloires Declaration on the Civic Roles and Social Responsibilities of Higher Education. All signatories of the Declaration have committed their institutions to educating for social responsibility and civic engagement, and to strengthening the application of university resources to the needs of local and global communities.

Talloires Network: Clinton Global Initiative University Student Conference Report (2008) (1.8 Mb)

Talloires Network Mission

The Talloires Network is an international association of institutions committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education. We work together to implement the recommendations of the Talloires Declaration and build a global movement of engaged universities.

Our institutions recognize that we do not exist in isolation from society, nor from the communities in which we are located. Instead, we carry a unique obligation to listen, understand, and contribute to social transformation and development.”

–The Talloires Declaration 2005



If you are interested in resources pertaining to the Talloires Network Professional Development Project, please visit the Talloires Network website.


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